Groen Kwartier and Zurenborg

Antwerp’s former Military Hospital grounds, a closed-off complex since 1911, have now been integrated into the city’s fabric and developed into an open, accessible, car-free and green residential area. Initiatives like the rooftop farming cooperative PAKT create an interesting mix of living, working, entertainment and urban farming surrounded by monuments and modern architecture.

The 19th century neighbourhood Zurenborg was carefully planned and has a unique character. It is a lively and dynamic part of the city that embraces new challenges: clutched between the Belle Epoque houses and the motorway lies an area of great potential, waiting for redevelopment. A new railway hub will connect this area with Park Spoor Oost.

Opposite Berchem Station, the old post office was demolished to make way for a brand-new office complex, Post X. The 9-building complex combines sustainability, service, visibility and mobility. A new bicycle bridge (2018) across the ring road Singel connects the site with Berchem Station and completes the bicycle highway Antwerpen-Mechelen. Nearby Wolvenberg is the only nature reserve in the inner city.


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