deSingel art centre

deSingel has been Flanders’ main international arts centre since 1980. The combination of four art disciplines (dance, music, theatre and architecture) , artists in residence, a conservatory and an institute for architecture, on one site makes this house a unique breeding ground in the international cultural landscape. And we are talking about large scale infrastructure: a total built up area of 48,000 m2.

deSingel is also unique for another reason. The new building that was added to the already existing complex transforms the site into a landmark in the oeuvre of two of our greatest architects: Léon Stynen and Stéphane Beel. From 1958 on Stynen built deSingel in its original form. In 2010, Beel added a new volume of 12,000 m2 with great respect for the work of his predecessor.

This walk offers you an enlightening look at front and back stage of deSingel, and gives you an insight into the ideas and works of two of our greatest modernist architectural icons.

Practical info

Meeting point: Entrance of deSingel, Desguinlei 25

End of the tour: Grand Café in deSingel

Duration of the tour: 1 1/2 hours

Price: € 80 (adults), € 60 (students)

Maximum 20 persons per guide

Possible every day (during the day, not in the evening) and not on holidays or during summer closure of deSingel