Park Spoor Noord

New life was given to an abandoned 24 ha marshalling yard. In June 2009, the Spoor Noord park was opened to the public. As a result, the old connections between the districts of Eilandje, Dam, Stuivenberg and Sint-Jansplein have been restored. Thanks to the park the Dam area has lost its isolated status. Derailed green meanders through the park, past romping water loving kids and families with picnic baskets.

We will also look at the recovered industrial railway heritage in detail. The refurbished water towers are the icing on the cake. Outside the park boundaries, we soak up the couleur locale of the adjoining city districts. There is the industrial Dam quarter where there are almost as many small companies as there are houses. Then there is the colourful Stuivenberg with its chaotic street pattern and laborers’ cottages. Lastly, we won’t forget the wide streets around the Sint-Jansplein with their warehouses and town houses.

This is a walk of extremes, contrasting the working class past with promising urban innovations.

Practical info

Vertrek: Damplein, voor Damstation

Einde: idem

Maximum 20 personen per gids


  • volwassenen: € 120 (2 u), € 150 (2 1/2 u)
  • scholen: € 105 (2 u)