New South

Sustainable urban development

Nieuw Zuid (New South) is the project name for the area between Kiel and Zuid, stretching from the Scheldt quays to Konijnenwei. Since the demolition of the Antwerpen-Zuid freight station in 1965 the area was deserted. The renovation in 2007 of the former freight station, which is now occupied by Bank J. van Breda & Co (Conix Architects) provided the first impetus for the site’s redevelopment, along with the construction of the new Law Courts (Richard Rogers) in 2006.
The city has decided to use the space for an ambitious urban expansion project, in order to anticipate on the expected population growth as well as compensating for the shortage of public facilities and green spaces in the area. The Italian design team Studio Associato Secchi-Viganò created a master plan which features a mixed neighbourhood: a combination of housing, stores, cafes and restaurants, public facilities, green space and offices. The city has provided for about 2,000 new houses and the associated facilities, as well as a park. The public space and the park have been designed by Architectbureau Bas Smets.
With a view to achieving a carbon-neutral city in 2050 Antwerp has opted in favour of a sustainable neighbourhood in which car traffic is slowed down giving priority to the users of the cycling and pedestrian network which connects the various residential areas. Water and energy will be supplied collectively. Along the Scheldt a park strip will connect the neighbourhood with the water and the neighbourhood park, which also can be used by the adjacent neighbourhoods. This project will be realised over a 15-year period.


Practical info

Meeting point: Bolivarplaats in front of the Palace of Justice

End: Former Docks (Vlaamse and Waalse kaai)

Price: € 120 for 2 hours

Maximum 20 participants per guide