New architecture in the North of Antwerp

The northern part of Antwerp seems to be the landing place par excellence for those who have fled their country in search of a better life. The district known by its postal code 2060 is together with Borgerhout the most lively and most densely populated part of the city. Some 40,000 people are living here without counting the people who have no official documents. At the same time it is a neighbourhood with a very typical couleur locale and it is the youngest and most dynamic part of Antwerp.

This walk takes a look at how people are living in this area and the role of AG Vespa, the city’s real estate department.




Practical info

Meeting point: De Coninckplein, Kerkplein or Londenstraat 60

Duration: 2 hours

Price: € 120

Maximum 20 persons per guide