Arrival City 2060

The Strength of Northern Antwerp

Celebrated author and journalist Doug Saunders wandered around the Northern part of Antwerp with good reason. In this arrival district - postal code 2060 - the restless dynamics are more apparent than in any other district of the city. His experience led to the fascinating book “Arrival City - The Final Migration and Our Next World”.

Hungry rural dwellers from Flanders in the 19th century, Turkish and Moroccan workers in the 1960s and 70s, today political and economic refugees from all over the world: they all end up in 2060. What makes this district so attractive as a starting point for a better life? What opportunities did the neighbourhood have to offer to migrants a century ago? What opportunities do newcomers find here now?

How have these subsequent waves of migration shaped the neighbourhood? We browsed squares, shops, workshops and places of worship. Our research resulted in an inspiring walk through Northern Antwerp. A must for all who want to keep up with present day living in Antwerp.

Practical info

Meeting point: De Coninckplein in front of the Permeke Library

End: De Coninckplein

Price: € 120  for a guided tour of 2 hours

Maximum 20 participants per guide